Noiseless, Desert Extras

Sans Bruit, Les Figurants Du Desert

Original Name : Sans Bruit, Les Figurants Du Desert
English Name : Noiseless, Desert Extras
Year : 2017
Run time : 64'
Language : French
Type (Colour/ Black & white) : Colour
Country : Poland, France, Morocco
Director : Gilles Lepore, Maciej Madracki , Michal Madracki(MML Collective)
Producer : Karim Aitouna ,Thomas Micoulet , Anna Wydra
Screenplay : Gilles Lepore, Maciej Madracki , Michal Madracki(MML Collective)
Cinematographer : MML Collective
Editor : Gilles Lepore, MaciejMadracki , Michal Madracki
Sound Designer : Igor Klaczynski
Production Company : HautLesMains Productions, Otter Films
World Sales : HautLesMains Productions
World Sales Phone : +33668175187
World Sales Email :


  • FID Marseille 2017
  • Festival Du Nouveau Cinema 2017
  • JihlavaIFF 2017
  • New Horizons IFF 2018

Selected Filmography:

  • The Work of Machines (Doc) 2010
  • Noiseless, Desert Extras (Doc) 2017

Director's Biography:

Brothers Michał and Maciej Mądracki, with Gilles Lepore formed MML Collective to create visual art projects. Mądracki brothers are trained filmmakers from Poland. Michal is a writer who works on screenplays, books, and multiple aspects of writing. Maciej is a director who has finished his studies at Krzysztof Kieslowski Film School. Gilles Lepore started as a graphic designer, and animator from Switzerland. Their first project, a documentary - The Work of Machines (2010), received the Grand Prix at the Marseille Festival of Documentary Films. Noiseless, Desert Extras is their second project together as MML Collective


The locations are often, as we know, independent of the sites where the events narrated in the films are supposed to take place. Even more so when it comes to blockbuster films, science fiction films, fantastic or mythological films or films placed in antiquity. For it is crucial to benefit from natural light, full sun, grandiose scenery (mountains or surrounding deserts), but also of extras recruited on the spot. Ouarzazate, in Morocco, has long been a resourceful town for this industry, which consists of reinventing everything, including the slightest biography. Our three directors chose to explore behind the scenes of this imaginary factory, but with a particular attention to extras. In the form of light comedy sketches, we are witnessing the solo performances of those usually relegated.