Ana, Mon Amour

Ana, Mon Amour

Original Title : ANA, MON AMOUR
English Title : ANA, MON AMOUR
Language : Romanian 
Country : Romania | Germany | France
Year : 2017
Runtime : 125 min
Director : Cãlin Peter Netzer Venue: City Pride Kothrud
Screen: Screen 2
Showtime: 17th Jan 2018, 11.30 a.m.
Venue: NFAI Law College Road
Showtime: 15th Jan 2018, 6.30 p.m.

Festivals & Awards

Berlin IFF | CPH:PIX IFF | Toronto IFF | BFI LFF IFF | IFFI Goa


Told in non-chronological fashion, Ana, Mon Amour traces the rise and fall of the tumultuous and passionate romance of Toma and Ana. We first meet the couple as university students in love's thrall. At the first sign of Ana's debilitating anxiety attacks, Toma's protective instincts kick in and he safeguards her (and their relationship) from external threats. Later, however, the power dynamic shifts. Ana begins a transformative journey of self-reliance, leaving Toma behind, alone and unable to piece together the fragments of their decade-long relationship.

Director’s Biography

Calin Peter Netzer