Rules and Regulations

20th Pune International Film Festival

13th –20th January, 2022

Marathi Feature Film Competition / Marathi Cinema Today Non Competition

  • The Pune International Film Festival is a non-commercial film festival jointly organized by the Pune Film Foundation (hereafter called “PFF”) and the State Government of Maharashtra.
  • The following is an explanation of Rules and Regulations governing the submission of a film for consideration at the 20th Pune International Film Festival (hereafter called “PIFF”).
  • The PIFF selection committee chooses and invites the films which will be presented in Marathi Feature Film Competition (hereafter called “MFFC”) or Marathi Cinema Today Non Competition(hereafter called “MCTNC”) Section. There is no entry fee for submissions.
  • The submitter (hereafter called the “Applicant”) hereby represents and warrants that he/she holds all rights in and to the film and material and that he/she has the authority and capacity to submit the film and material for PIFF.
  • In case any of the requirements mentioned in this part of the regulations are not completed by the applicant, the entry is liable to be rejected summarily.


  • The film should have been produced primarily in Marathi language with English subtitles.
  • The film should have been produced predominantly in India. In the case of co-productions involving a foreign entity, the following conditions should be fulfilled.
    • At least one of the co-producers must be an Indian entity.
    • The Indian entity should be registered in India or a Citizen of India.
    • The title of the film should be registered as Marathi Film Title.
    • The Director should be an Indian national and the cast and technicians should be predominantly Indian nationals.
  • Films made primarily in Marathi Language and shot on 16mm, 35mm or in a wider gauge or 2K formats, due for release on a film/digital format and certified by the Central Board of Film Certification as a feature length film over 70 minutes in length.
  • Film must be certified by the Central board of film certification between 1st January 2021 and 31st December, 2021 (both the days inclusive)
  • Film screened in earlier editions of “PIFF” is not eligible.
  • Dubbed/ remade versions are not eligible for entry.
  • Maximum of three entries would be allowed from an applicant.
  • Promotional, educational, Student and documentary films are not eligible for submission.


  • The last date for receipt of application along with 2 preview DVDs or ONLINE LINK with Password (censored & uncensored) is 30th November, 2021 if it is a holiday, the next working day will be treated as the last date for receipt of entry. Application received after the last date would be rejected.
  • In the absence of the certification from the CBFC board, an undertaking must be submitted by the producer that proper certification would be obtained from the CBFC by him/her. The last date for submission of the CBFC certificate is 31st December, 2021.
  • An affidavit shall be furnished by the applicant on a stamp paper of the value of Rs 100 duly verified declaring that the information furnished in the entry form and other forms submitted is true to the best of his /her knowledge, that the DVDs/ Print is the certified version and that the applicant has not made and will not make any change whatsoever after certification by the central board of film certification. He/ She has read, understood and agree to the submission rules and regulations set forth by PIFF.
  • Applicant must submit the above listed documents and 2 preview screeners for pre-selection. Only final version DVDs (all region) or ONLINE LINK with Password, English subtitles and watermark is accepted. E-Mail:
  • The cost of sending preview screeners will be paid by the applicant. PIFF reserves the right to refuse any shipment entailing additional costs.
  • PIFF accepts no responsibility for damage suffered during delivery of the screener to the Festival.
  • Applicant must send the package with the following customs declaration: “No commercial value, for cultural purposes only.”
  • Entries should be marked with caption “PIFF copy” or “Pune International Film Festival Copy” for preview to selection Panel but the screening copy must be clean and clear of above caption/logos.
  • Preview Copies of films will not be returned to the applicant at any case.


  • The films will be selected by a duly constituted selection committee. The selection committee for selection shall comprise of at least 3 members (including the chairperson).
  • Any person directly or indirectly associated with any of the entries shall not be eligible to serve on any of the selection panel. Any person who is related either by blood or marriage to any of those whose work is to be adjudged shall not be eligible to serve on the selection panel.
  • The Director of PIFF / his /her nominee may be present at the time of deliberations of the panels regarding the entries. They shall not participate in any of the deliberation.
  • The decision of the selection panel shall be final and no appeal or correspondence regarding their decision shall be entertained.
  • If a film has not been selected, it is PIFF’s policy not to provide any feedback, comments or reasons for films that are not selected for the programme.


  • Once selected, the screening copy of the films must be submitted in DCP format with English subtitles.
  • Due to COVID-19 pandemic rules, we would screen the films on its official digital platform along with the theatrical screenings during the festival. The screening format & other details will be shared in email once the film is selected.
  • If the final print (DCP) does not reach PIFF office by 7th January, 2022 the film will not be screened. This dead-line is imperative.
  • A stand-by Blu-ray copy of each film with subtitles must be provided to PIFF along with the final print.
  • The title(s) of the film(s) sent, shipping details including the dates of dispatch and the air consignment number must be emailed to the programming team on:
  • Film not presenting sufficient technical qualities for good public screening can be refused after checking of the print by the Print Checking Unit of PIFF.
  • PIFF will not bear freight or any other charges for unsolicited films, videos / DVD sent to it, if these are not selected for screening in the Festival.
  • Complete documentation for each selected film is to be made available to the Film Department when required.
  • PIFF does not pay any screening fee, if the film is selected.
  • The applicant will undertake that the main lead cast and the director of the film will attend the first screening of the film and address the press conference as per the schedule informed by the PIFF office.
  • Film not selected for the MFFC may be shown in the MCTNC (Marathi Cinema Today Non- Competitive) section with the consent of the Applicant if selection committee recommends.
  • Once a film has been selected it cannot be withdrawn from the Festival programme during the event. If withdrawn the Film Director and Production Company will be barred from entering his/her films for next 5 years.
  • Programming is at the sole discretion of the heads of each festival section and their decision is final and irrevocable.
  • Applicants of all selected films are required to use the logo of PIFF in their film’s publicity and promotional materials. The logo must not under any circumstances be modified or altered without prior written permission from the Festival.


  • The Insurance of prints in transit from the country of origin to the Film Festival Office and from the Festival Office to the country of origin will be the responsibility of the Applicant, the Festival Office will insure the prints against damage, partial and total, by fire, theft or any other unnatural causes from the moment it takes delivery of the print to the moment it hands them back to the concerned airline/ agency for dispatch. The insurance value will be the print cost as specified in the Entry Form, supported by documents from the concerned laboratory. Damage to the print, if any, should be certified by an independent agency at the cost of sender.


  • The Jury for the MFFC will be composed of minimum three members [including the chairman] of which a majority will be from outside Maharashtra/India.
  • Decisions of the jury will be reached by an absolute majority of votes. The jury can evolve its own methods for assessment of the entries.
  • The members of juries must not have participated in the making or the commercial exploitation of any film in the competition they are judging.
  • The Festival Director, the Artistic Director, the Programme Director and/or their representative may attend jury deliberations but will take no part in the voting.
  • The decisions of the official juries are final.
  • Jury members are sworn to secrecy. They will refrain from releasing any articles or reviews to the press concerning the films submitted for their judgment until after the jury’s decisions have been formally published.


  • Government of Maharashtra ‘Sant Tukaram Best Marathi International Film’ Rs. 5,00,000/- ( Rs. Five Lacs) equally divided between the Producer and Director of the film. (The certificate and the Trophy will go to Producer).
  • Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Chitrapat Mahamandal :
    • Best Marathi Film Director Rs. 25,000
    • Best Marathi Film Actor - Female Rs. 25,000
    • Best Marathi Film Actor - Male Rs. 25,000
    • Best Screenplay Rs. 25,000
    • Best Cinematographer Rs. 25,000
  • Special Jury Award (No cash): The Jury will decide the categories in MFFC. (Beneficiary should submit all the necessary documents for the cash Awards. All Transfer charges and other Taxes will be borne by beneficiary).


  • Applicant will allow usage of video clips and printed material for promotional use in Medias and at live PIFF events.
  • PIFF proposes to have a maximum of 3 screening of each film & 1 at our extended film festivals.
  • Applicant must agree that if their film wins any award at PIFF, all screenings and publicity thereafter, will acknowledge the Award(s) on the film itself.
  • Film will initially be screened at PIFF provided that no claim of any kind would lie against the PIFF for their inability to screen a film due to technical or any other unforeseen reasons.


  • The Chairman of the PFF has the power to settle all cases not covered by the present rules and regulations. The venue of arbitration shall be at Pune, India.
  • Participation in the PIFF implies acceptance of all the aforementioned regulations and respect of pre-selection conditions.
  • Festival dates may get postponed if any natural calamities occurs such as Flood, Covid 19 Pandemic or Earthquake etc.


Dr. Jabbar Patel,
Chairman / Director
Pune International Film Festival.
Flat No 1, Sarjai Building,
Near Sai Baba mandir,
Mukund Nagar, Pune -Satara road,
Pune - 411037, India
Tel: +91 20 24264747