Secret Ingredient

Secret Ingredient

Original Title : Secret Ingredient
English Title : Secret Ingredient
Country : Macedonia
Language : Macedonian
Year : 2016
Runtime : 107 min
Director : Gjorce Starvreski Venue: Carnival Cinema Mumbai Pune Road, Chinchwad
Screen: Screen 4
Showtime: 12th Jan 2018, 7.00 p.m.
Venue: City Pride Kothrud
Screen: Screen 2
Showtime: 15th Jan 2018, 2.15 p.m.

Festivals & Awards

Tallin Black Nights Film Festival | Thessaloniki International Film Festival


Vele can’t afford to buy the expensive medications for his father who has cancer. Desperate, he steals marijuana from some criminals, makes a cake with it and gives it to him, hoping it will reduce his pain. His father’s health miraculously improves, but Vele is suddenly confronted by their neighbours who demand the recipe for the “remedial” cake and by the criminals who want their drugs back. The greatest challenge, however, is to persuade his father that his life is worth living for.

Director’s Biography

Gjorce Starvreski