Back To The Future

Back To The Future

Original name: Bhavishya Ki Talash Atit Mein
English name: Back To The Future
Year: 2022
Run time: 87 min
Language: Hindi, English
Type (Colour/ Black & white): Colour
Country: India
Director: Manohar Singh Bisht
Producer: Ravinder Bhaskar
Cinematographer: P. Rajendran
Editor: Nitesh A. Bhosale
Production Company: NFDC
World Sales: NFDC

Director’s Selected Filmography:

  • 2022 Back To The Future (Doc)

Director’s Biography:

Manohar Singh Bisht

Manohar Singh Bisht is a filmmaker from India. He has directed Back To The Future (2022), a critical take on evolution of cinematic techniques.


Is it good? Bad? Or Both? Back To The Future is a critical essay to fathom the momentous journey of cinema, from analogue to digital. Peppered with questions, answers, reactions, some sighs, and some pauses!