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The Jury recommended the following awards

International Student Competition Best Film Live Action award is given to the Polish film Dancing clouds (Pierwszy taniec W churach) directed by Michał Mieszczyk and produced by Polish Film Institute. Prize Money 1000 US dollars is equally divided between the Director and the producer.


The Best Student Film prize goes to the Polish film Dancing Clouds by director Michal Mieszczyk. It provides a very intimate and touching insight into the heart and mind of a young man committing a crime for the right cause. The authors managed to say a lot with very few words and the acting was excellent.

International Student Competition Best Director Live Action award is given to Martin Kuba of Czech Republic for the film Vinlannd


The Best Director Student prize goes to Martin Kuba for the film Vinland, for showcasing the problems of East European gastarbeiters in Prague, Czech Republic. The characters are powerful, very natural, and moving, while the storytelling is condensed and lives up to the highest levels of expectation.

The following special mention certificates are recommended by the jury

Special Mention certificates is given to I -Ju Lin, the director of the Czech Republic film Separation Season

Special Mention certificates is given to the screenplay writer Archit S Kirkinde of the Indian Film Asamtol.