MIT-SFT Human Spirit Award

MIT-SFT Human Spirit Award

Human History has always had its fair share of suffering and violence. And yet, there have always been examples where the indomitable human spirit rises above everything to do something extraordinary - acts that spread love and kindness, sometimes even at the risk of death, and through which our faith in humanity is rekindled. From this year on (2019), MITSFT would like to celebrate this Human Spirit with an award! it will be given every year to a film from PIFF's World Competition Section: a film that stands up for humanity and democratic values by telling a story that portrays the value of human life and vindicates the universal values of liberty, equality, fraternity and love among all people - regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or anything else that tries to divide humanity.

Human Spirit award is Instituted by MIT-SCHOOL OF FILM & TELEVISION of USD 1000/-. The winning film will be selected by our jury and awarded at the Closing Ceremony of Pune International Film Festival (PIFF).

Year Human Spirit Award - Best Director
2020 Pradip Kurbah (Market)
2019 Pippo Mezzapesa (My Own Good)