Original Title : ELIS
English Title : ELIS
Country : BRAZIL
LANGUAGE : Portuguese
Year : 2016
Runtime : 110 min
Director : Hugo Prata Venue: City Pride - Satara Road
Screen: Screen 3
Showtime: 13th Jan 2018, 3.45 p.m.
Venue: Carnival Cinema - Mumbai Pune Road
Screen: Screen 4
Showtime: 16th Jan 2018, 4.15 p.m.

Festivals & Awards

ABC Cinematography Award | Cinema Brazil Grand Prize | Gramado Film Festival | Huelva Latin American Film Festival | SESC Film Festival, Brazil | São Paulo Association of Art Critics Awards


The film tells the story of the singer Elis Regina since her arrival in Rio de Janeiro with 19 years until her tragic and early death. Despite all the difficulties, success comes fulminate and the life of Elis Regina gained national and international recognition. Young woman of humble origin becomes one of the biggest music artists and is considered today the greatest singer in Brazil.

Director’s Biography

Hugo Prata