107 Mothers

Should the Wind Drop

Original name: Cenzorka
English name: 107 Mothers
Year: 2021
Run time: 93 min
Language: Russian, Ukrainian
Type (Colour/ Black & white): Colour
Country: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine
Director: Peter Kerekes
Producers:Ivan Ostrochovský, Jiří Konečný, Denis Ivanov
Cast: Maryna Klimova, Iryna Kiryazeva, Lyubov Vasylyna
Screenplay:Ivan Ostrochovský, Peter Kerekes
Cinematographer:Martin Kollar
Editor:Martin Piga, Thomas Ernst
Sound Designer: Tobiáš Potočný
Music Composer: Lucia Chuťková
Costume Designer:Katarina Hollá, Polina Kartseva
Production Designer: Mykola Dovzhansky
Production Company: Punkchart films
World Sales: Films Boutique
World Sales Phone: +49 30 69 53 78 50
World Sales Email:


  • Venice IFF 2021
  • San Sebastian IFF 2021
  • Les Arcs FF 2021
  • Chicago IFF 2021

Director’s Selected Filmography:

  • 2021 107 Mothers
  • 2014 Slovensko 2.0
  • 2013 Velvet Terrorists (Doc)
  • 2009 Cooking History (Doc)
  • 2004 Über die Grenze / Fünf Ansichten von Nachbarn
  • 2003 66 Seasons (Doc)

Director's Biography:

Nora Martirosyan

Peter Kerekes was born in Košice, Slovakia, and graduated from the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, earning a degree in film directing. In 2003, he directed and produced his debut feature documentary, 66 Seasons, which became a festival hit and won several awards, including the Best Film Award at DocAviv. His next feature documentary, Cooking History (2009), received the Prix Arte nomination for Best Documentary at the European Film Awards, among other plaudits. Kerekes's 2013 feature documentary, Velvet Terrorists, co-directed by Pavol Pekarčík and Ivan Ostrochovský, won the FEDEORA Award at the Karlovy Vary IFF and celebrated its international premiere at the Berlinale Forum, winning the Tagesspiegel Readers’ Award.


Lesya has committed a crime of passion which brings her a seven-year sentence in one of Odessa’s women’s correctional facilities. She has just given birth to her first child, and now she is entering a world populated only by women: inmates, nurses and wardens, women of all ages, wives and widows, daughters, sisters, pregnant women, and women with children. If not for the colour of the uniform, it would sometimes be hard to tell who is who.