5 therapy

 5 therapy

Original name: 5 Terapia
English name: 5 therapy
Year: 2017
Run time: 74’
Language: Russian
Type (Color/ Black & White): Colour
Country: Ukraine
Director: Alisa Pavlovskaya
Producer: Valery Kalmykov, Victor Vilhelm
Cast:  Sohia Kulahina, Alina Putishina, Stas Dombrovskyi, Viktor Brevis
Screenplay: Alisa Pavlovskaya
Cinematographer: Maria Perkunova
Editor: Tamuna Karumidze
Sound Designer: Maxim Yatchmen
Music Composer: Oksana Gritseva
Production Designer: Igna Skripnik
Production Company: True Man Production
World Sales: Antipode Sales & Distribution
World Sales Phone: +7 916 027 26 49
World Sales Email:


  • Mar del Plata IFF 2017
  • Odessa IFF 2017
  • Berlinale 2017

Selected Filmography

  • Toporkesta 2012
  • I Don't Want To Die 2013
  • Gogol Doc (doc.) 2018

Director's Biography:

Alisa Pavlovskaya is a Ukrainian director, writer, editor and cinematographer. Her Filmography includes 5 Therapy (2017), I Don't Want To Die (2013), and Toporkesta (2012). She, and her faithful crew are one of the flag bearers of Ukrainian Independent cinema. She has made few remarkable films which are typically, low budget, crowd funded, or self funded films. They have garnered much attention, and praise in festivals and by critics.


The set of the novels by Stas Dombrovskyi was taken as the heart of the movie, ex-addict and ex-criminal, who found out, that he suffers from AIDS since last 15 years. He sets himself on the path of self-destruction for the next two decades. Only on his deathbed in prison therapy, knowing that he would die in two weeks, Stas understood that he wants to live more than anything in this world. Being drug hazed and imprisoned in the maximum security solitary cell for most of his time, he tries to overcome himself and his demons again and again.