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A Childless Village


Original Name:Sonsuz
English Name: A Childless Village
Year: 2022
Run Time: 82 Minutes
Language: Azeri
Type (Colour/ Black & White): Colour
Country: Iran
Director: Reza Jamali
Producer: Salman Abbasi
Cast: Hamdollah Salimi, Behrouz Allahverdizadeh, Maryam Momen, Safat Ahari, Naser Mohebi, Velayat Khoubdel
Screenplay: Reza Jamali
Cinematographer: Abdollah Shokri
Editor: Amir Etminan, Homa Valizadeh
Sound Designer: Abdolreza Heydari
Music Composer: Ali Maghazei
World Sales: Irimage


  • Tallinn Black Nights FF
  • Red Sea IFF
  • Dhaka IFF

Director’s Selected Filmography:

  • 2019 Old Men Never Die

Director’s Biography:

Reza Jamali

Reza Jamali is a filmmaking graduate. After making a number of short films, presented and awarded at national and international film festivals, Jamali directed his debut feature film, Old Men Never Die (2019), which brought him the Spirits of Asia Award at Tokyo IFF and entered international festival circuits. A Childless Village is his second feature film.


Twenty years ago, in a remote village, an old filmmaker named Kazem made a film on the sterility of the women villagers, but in order to protect their dignity, the women stole the footages and burnt them. Now, after two decades, the villagers find out that the men are barren and there is nothing wrong with the women. With the help of his assistant, Kazem tries to record some interviews with the infertile men to unfold the truth