Original name: Zhui Zong
English name: Ash
Year: 2017
Run time: 114'
Language: Mandarin
Type (Colour/ Black & White): Colour
Country: China
Director: Li Xiaofeng
Producer: Li Haihua, Xia Xinlei, Feng Rui
Cast: Luo Jin, Xin Peng, Jiang Peiyao, Nie Yuan
Screenplay: Li Xiaofeng, Xu Zhanxiong, Shen Yi, Wang
Mu Cinematographer: Joewi Verhoeven
Editor: Liu Yueyue, Teng Yun
Music Composer: Simon John Fisher Turner
Production Designer: Wang Zhiqing, Hao Yongfeng
Production Company: Beijing BHBD Cultural Diffusion Co., Ltd.
World Sales: Rediance
World Sales Phone: +33 785804597
World Sales Email:


  • Busan IFF 2018
  • Tallin Black Nights FF 2017
  • Göteborg FF 2018
  • Cameraimage 2018
  • Las Palma IFF 2018
  • Minsk IFF 2018
  • Goa IFF 2018

Selected Filmography

  • Nezha 2014
  • Ash 2017

Director's Biography:

Born in 1978, studied filmmaking at Hogeschool Sint-Lukas in Brussels, before returning to China in 2002. In Beijing, he continued writing film criticism and essays while serving as a creative consultant for director Lu Chuan’s production company. Li later collaborated with director Zhang Yuan on the screenplay "Dada’s Dance", and appeared in the film as the male lead. Li published a collection of short stories in 2011. He debuted his first feature "Nezha" in the New Currents competition at Busan IFF in 2014. "Ash" is his second feature.


A body is found in a movie theatre. Clues suggest it may be a case of rough justice, for the man who met a violent death was himself a violent man who battered his wife. The cop investigating the murder suspects the dead man’s son, a steelworker, but lacks the evidence to charge the young man. Thwarted in his studies, but an avid reader, the steelworker becomes an unlikely pen-pal to a medical student. Both are drawn to each other by their shared passion for Tolstoy’s last novel ''Resurrection'', and a romantic question prompted by Tolstoy’s story that one of them has scribbled on the inside of a used paperback. Ten years later, the three men – now a hard-bitten cop, famous doctor and lowly delivery man – find themselves bound together again in a tangled web of lies and suspicions, as memories of a second murder threaten to betray long-held secrets.