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Original Name:Corsage
English Name: Corsage
Year: 2022
Run Time: 113 min
Language: German, French, English, Hungarian
Type (Colour/ Black & White): Colour
Country: Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, France
Director: Marie Kreutzer
Producer: Alexander Glehr, Johanna Scherz
Cast: Vicky Krieps, Florian Teichtmeister, Colin Morgan, Finnegan Oldfield, Katharina Lorenz, Alma Hasun
Screenplay: Marie Kreutzer
Cinematographer: Judith Kaufmann
Editor: Ulrike Kofler
Sound Designer: Nicolas Leroy, Angelo Dos Santos
Music Composer: Camille
Production Company: Film AG
World Sales: MK2


  • Cannes Un Certain Regard
  • Toronto IFF
  • San Sebastián IFF
  • BFI London FF
  • Melbourne IFF

Director’s Selected Filmography:

  • 2019 The Ground Beneath My Feet
  • 2016 We Used to Be Cool
  • 2015 Gruber is Leaving
  • 2011 The Fatherless

Director’s Biography:

Mano Khalil

Marie Kreutzer, is one of Austria's most important and established filmmakers. She started her career in films as a script supervisor and in continuity in cinema and TV productions and made a variety of award-winning short films, which were shown at numerous festivals. Her first feature film, The Fatherless (2011), has been shown and awarded at numerous festivals, including the Berlinale Panorama Special. The Ground Beneath My Feet (2019) ran in the competition of the Berlinale. Marie is member of the supervisory board of the Austrian Film Institute since 2017.


Empress Elizabeth of Austria is idolized for her beauty and renowned for inspiring fashion trends. But in 1877, ‘Sissi’ celebrates her 40th birthday and must fight to maintain her public image by lacing her corset tighter and tighter. While Elizabeth’s role has been reduced against her wishes to purely performative, her hunger for knowledge and zest for life makes her more and more restless in Vienna. She travels to England and Bavaria, visiting former lovers and old friends, seeking the excitement and purpose of her youth. With a future of strictly ceremonial duties laid out in front of her, Elizabeth rebels against the hyperbolised image of herself and comes up with a plan to protect her legacy.