Global Aadgaon

Global Aadgaon

Original name: Global Aadgaon
English name: Global Aadgaon
Year: 2022
Run time: 122 Minutes
Language: Marathi
Type (Colour/ Black & white): Colour
Country: India
Director: Anil Kumar Salve
Producer: Manoj Ravsaheb Kadam
Cast: Ronak Landge, Ashok Kangude, Siddhi Kale, Anil Rathod, Mahendra Khillare
Screenplay: Anil Kumar Salve
Cinematographer: Girish R. Jambhalikar
Editor: Shrikant Mukund Chaudhari
Sound Designer: Vikas Khandare
Music Composer: Vijay Narayan Gavande
Production Company: Silveroak Films & Entertaiment

Director’s Selected Filmography:

  • 2016 15 August (Short)
  • 2016 Shirmi (Short)

Director’s Biography :

Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar has written more than 36 plays and has been honoured with 265 National and International awards for his Dramas and Short films. His short film 15 August (2016), has bagged 68 International awards and, Shirmi (2016) another short film has been honoured with 8 National and International Awards. Global Aadgaon is his debut feature film.

Synopsis :

Ever growing cement jungles, human minded urbanisation, Industrialization, smart cities, metro capitals, foreign economies are coming at the speed of tornado, social globalisation hitting the villages like a tsunami, are trying to devour village relations, self-sustainment of village, agriculture and its culture like a giant python. Destruction of agriculture and rural culture in the whirlwind of globalisation. In the name of modernization, neo-renaissance and development, the hopes, aspirations and rural self-dependence of the village are being uprooted from core existence. Ferocious animals are rampaging over the lofty spirit of the villages, and the farm less villagers, the people are burning like pyre in the wake of globalisation. The unprecedented conceit that underpins this perverse hypocrisy, a melancholy pain of village culture and their next generation is the "Global Adgaon". The infinite struggle of glorious human courage, the rebellious fight of a peasant hero against the imperialist capitalist power & system, the life-threatening struggle is "Global Adgaon".