The Clan


Original name: Gott
English name: The Clan
Year: 2020
Run time: 99 min
Language: Marathi
Type (Colour/ Black & white): Colour
Country: India
Director: Shailendra Krishna Bagde
Producer: Kiran Bagde
Cast: Kiran Bagde, Pooja Pimpalkar,Sachin Giri, Vijay Ramtake, Milind Ramtake, Sarnath Ramtake, Mickey Ramtake
Screenplay: Shailendra Krishna Bagde
Cinematographer: Harshad Jadhav
Editor: Samir Shaikh
Sound Designer: Bhupesh Sawai
Music Composer: Bhupesh Sawai
Costume Designer: Kiran Bagde
Production Designer: Cosmic Pixal (Samir Shaikh)
Production Company: Shashwat Films
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  • Best Noteworthy Film Award, (Lakshyvedi Chitrapat)
  • Dadasaheb Phalke Golden Camera Award 2020

Director’s Selected Filmography:

  • 2012 Rela Re
  • 2005 Salwar (short)
  • 2009 Tara (The Lock) (short)
  • 2015 Punsak (short)
  • 2018 Puncooh (short)

Director’s Biography

Shailendra Krishna

Shailendra Krishna Bagde Screenplay Writer, filmmaker, who has spent more than one and a half decade working in different departments of film and theatre. with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and Bachelor’s degree in Music, Shailendra is a multi-talented professional, who has not only established his own identity but has also helped a number of artists from Vidarbha to set their footprints in the world of film and theatre.He has a special fondness for historical subjects and grand scale of production & he enjoys performing magic with the help of camera.


Gott revolves around a tribal childless woman, who struggles to cope up with her life situations and the inflicted punishments. She helplessly accepts the ill-fated omen into her family. Unfortunately the ill-fated reconfirms her un-auspiciousness on being conceived. Envisaging the danger to everybody's life, arising out of the union within the same clan, the tribal woman arranges for a marriage. But despite best intentions on birth of the Conjoined twins to Reloo, the village misfires into rages on exploring an unusual four legged creature. The ill-fated soul is subjected to being buried alive as a test for proving her purity. An emotional conflict between human relations and scripted taboos has been exquisitely captured in this complicated situation.