Original name:Potra
English name: Potra
Year: 2021
Run time: 78 min
Language: Marathi
Type (Colour/ Black & white): Colour
Country: India
Director: Shankar Arjunn Dhotre
Producer: Sharad Sidu Shingade
Cast: Chakuli Pralhad Devkar, Subhas Munde, Dipali Kamble , Nanda Kate
Screenplay: Shankar Arjun Dhotre
Cinematographer: Ranjeet Mane
Editor: Pradeep Patole
Sound Designer: Dr. Sameer Suman
Costume Designer: Himanshu Balpande
Production Designer: Shankar Arjun Dhotre
Production Company: Natraj Entertainment
World Sales: Shankar Arjun Dhotre
World Sales Phone: +91-8830515149
World Sales Email:


Director’s Selected Filmography:

  • 2021 Potra

Director’s Biography :

Shankar Arjunn Dhotre

Shankar Arjun Dhotre has started his film career with Potra. In his early days he was very engrossed into sketching and painting which helped him in various ways to adapt the art of filmmaking. He wishes to write and direct his own films.

Synopsis :

‘Potra’ in Marathi means ‘Raw Sorghum.’ The story revolves around Geeta – a teenager who excels in studies and extracurricular activities. As soon as Geeta gets her periods, her grandmother nags her father to find a groom for her at the earliest. The story ends on a poignant note that highlights the blatant struggle between education and regressive patriarchal norms that strongly impact the life of a girl child. Through a nuanced storyline, it draws an analogy to highlight how a girl child or raw sorghum can only continue the life cycle once they are ripe and mature not just because puberty has been attained. The folk songs used in the film beautifully underscore the journey of a girl child from foetus to adolescent while amplifying the patriarchal patterns prevalent in the society. In an honest, slice of life manner, the film introduces the viewer to the harsh realities of the rural landscape of India in its short run time.