The Seen and the Unseen

 The Seen and the Unseen

Original name: Sekala Niskala
English name: The Seen and the Unseen
Year: 2017
Run time: 86mins
Language: Indonesian and Balinese
Type (Colour/ Black & white):Colour
Country: Indonesia, The Netherlands, Australia, Qatar
Director:Kamila Andini
Producer: Kamila Andini, Gita Fara, IfaIsfansyah
Cast:   Ida Bagus, Putu Radithya Mahijasena, Ni Kadek Thaly Titi Kasih, I Ketut Rina
Screenplay:Kamila Andini
Cinematographer: AnggiFrisca Dance
Editor:Dinda Amanda, Dwi Agus
Sound Designer:Yasuhiro Morinaga
Music Composer:Yasuhiro Morinaga
Costume Designer: Retno Ratih Damayanti
Production Designer: Vida Sylvia
Production Company: Treewater Productions
World Sales: Cercamon
World Sales Phone:971 5660 63824
World Sales Email:


  • Berlinale 2018
  • Busan IFF 2017
  • Tokyo FILMeX 2017
  • Toronto IFF 2017
  • Kerala IFF 2017
  • Vancouver IFF 2018

Selected Filmography

  • The Mirror Never Lies2011
  • Following Diana (short) 2015 
  • Memoria (short) 2016
  • The Seen and Unseen2017

Director's Biography:

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1986, she studied sociology and media arts at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Her films focus on socio-cultural topics, gender equality and environmental issues. Her directing debut The Mirror Never Lies, about the lives of Indonesian sea nomads, screened in the 2012 Berlinale Generation. Her two short films, Following Diana, and Memoria both explore women’s issues in Jakarta and East Timor. The Seen and Unseen(2017) is her second feature film. It went on to get screened, and win awards at Toronto IFF, Busan IFF, and several others across the globe.


One day in a hospital room, Tantri (10 years-old) realises that she will not have a long time along with her twin brother, Tantra. Tantra's brain weakens and he starts to lose his senses one by one. Tantra is now spending most of his time lying in the hospital room while Tantri has to accept the reality that she has to face life alone. This situation opens up something in Tantri's mind.Tantri keeps waking up in the middle of the night from a dream and seeing her brother. The night becomes their playground.

In Balinese philosophy the world is divided into the seen and the unseen. With her twin brother comatose, Tantri learns to communicate with him through her own ‘unseen’ dream world and they can once again play, dance and sing with each other. Elements from the ‘seen’ world such as the fighting cocks Tantri sees in the village or the monkeys living in the temple bleed into this netherworld in fascinating fashion.

It's an innocent story of a 10 year old, her love for her sibling, and her dealing with loss, with grief!