The Silence

The Silence

Original Title : Tystnaden
English Title:The Silence
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish | English | German | French | Spanish
Runtime:96min Venue: NFAI Law College Road
Showtime: 18th Jan 2018, 12.00 p.m.


Sisters Anna and Ester are travelling with Anna's son when they are forced by Ester's poor health to hole up in a hotel in a strange country seemingly on the verge of war. Anna shuns the attentions of her desperately ill sister and goes out, picking up a man in a bar. Ester is left to cope with the pain of her desire and her illness; it seems they are one.

Meanwhile the boy explores the mysteries of the old hotel, playing out the fears inspired by the passions around him.

This is the third film in Bergman's God Trilogy. It is preceded by Through A Glass Darkly and, Winter Light.