A Special Day

A Special Day

Original Title : Un giorno speciale
English Title : A Special Day
Language : Italian
Year : 2012
Runtime : 89 mins
Venue: City Pride Satara Road
Screen: Screen 4
Showtime: 15th Jan 2018, 11.30 a.m.

Festivals & Awards

Golden Graals 2013 | Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2013 | Venice Film Festival 2012


Gina and Marco are living in the suburbs of Rome. The two meet on a very special day: their first day at work. They have a future that awaits them and really seems at hand. Gina is about to realize her dream of becoming an actress, while Marco for the first time has found an opportunity that allows him to start dreaming: a job in a car rental company as a driver. They are enabled to know each other since his first duty is to drive Gina to an appointment, and given a delay, they have to share the whole day. This journey will take them from the periphery to the center of the city, will serve both to compare their experiences and think about a future that has already begun.

Director’s Biography

Francesca Comencini