Suffering Of Ninko

Suffering Of Ninko

Original Title : Ninko No Junan
English Title : Suffering Of Ninko
Country : Japan
Language : Japanese
Year : 2016
Runtime : 70 mins
Director : Norihiro Niwatsukino Venue: City Pride - Satara Road
Screen: Screen 3
Showtime: 14th Jan 2018, 3.30 p.m.
Venue: Carnival Cinema - Mumbai Pune Road
Screen: Screen 4
Showtime: 17th Jan 2018, 4.30 p.m.

Festivals & Awards

Vancouver IFF, Dragons and Tigers Award for Young Cinema Competition | Busan IFF, A Window on Asian Cinema | Tokyo FILMEX, Competition | Rotterdam IFF, Bright Future | Göteborg IFF


Ninko, a young, diligent Buddhist monk, has one serious problem: Women can’t seem to resist him. They pester him so much that he can’t even ask for alms in town. Since sexual indulgence is considered a sin, he blames himself for not being virtuous enough. One day, he runs into a masked woman in the forest who tries to seduce him. Running away from her, his problem only gets worse. Nearly driven mad, he escapes deep into the mountains to be alone. There he finds a corpse in a deserted village, victimized by a specter who seduces the spirits of men. A samurai claims that he can kill the specter, and Ninko follows him, hoping that he’ll rid him of his curse.

Director’s Biography

Norihiro Niwatsukino