The Great Buddha+

The Great Buddha+

Original Title : The Great Buddha+
English Title : The Great Buddha+
Country : Taiwan
Language : Min Nan
Year : 2017
Runtime : 102 min
Director : Hsin-Yao Huang Venue: City Pride Kothrud
Screen: Screen 2
Showtime: 13th Jan 2018, 5.45 p.m.
Venue: Mangla
Screen: Screen 3
Showtime: 17th Jan 2018, 11.15 a.m.

Festivals & Awards

Golden Horse Film Festival | Taipei Film Festival | Toronto International Film Festival


Pickle is a night security guard at a Buddha statue factory owned by rich playboy Kevin. There, he is frequently visited by his best friend Belly Button, a recyclables collector, and together they endure the dull nightshift by watching television – until it gets broken one night. Hoping to find some drama, they stumble upon Kevin’s dashboard camera, where they find footages which contain their boss’ ugly secrets that will change their lives forever. The story involves gods, the middle-aged men's sexual desire and the conversation between ghosts and humans. Maybe the audience will find it preposterous, but isn't life itself a farce?

Director’s Biography

Hsin-Yao Huang